Supporting Local and Global Causes with Custom Employee Reward Donations

As companies look for ways to engage and motivate their employees, many are turning to employee recognition and rewards programs. These programs allow employees to earn points or bonuses for their hard work and contributions, which they can then redeem for various rewards. While traditional rewards like gift cards and merchandise are still popular, some companies are diversifying their reward options by offering custom rewards that support charitable causes.

Diversifying Reward Options with Custom Donation Rewards

One way companies can diversify their employee reward options is by using a recognition platform's custom rewards feature. This feature allows companies to create unique rewards tailored to their employees' interests and values. By adding custom reward options that allow employees to donate their earned points to local or global charities, companies can show their commitment to social responsibility and give their employees a sense of purpose beyond their day-to-day work.

Benefits of Supporting Local Causes through Custom Reward Donations

Supporting local causes through custom reward donations can have several benefits for companies and their employees. First, it allows companies to give back to the communities in which they operate, building goodwill and strengthening local relationships. Second, it can help employees feel more connected to their community and more engaged with their work. When employees know that their efforts are not only benefiting the company but also making a positive impact in their community, they may be more motivated and satisfied with their job.

Responding Quickly to Global Events with Custom Reward Donation Options

In addition to supporting local causes, custom reward donation options can also allow companies to respond quickly to global events. When a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis strikes, employees often want to help but may not know how. By adding custom reward donation options that support relief efforts or international aid organizations, companies can make it easy for employees to contribute and show their support. This can help foster a sense of global citizenship and empathy among employees, while also demonstrating the company's values and commitment to social responsibility.

Considerations for Adding Custom Reward Donation Options

When adding custom reward donation options to an employee recognition program, there are several considerations that program administrators should keep in mind. First, it's important to choose reputable and effective charities that align with the company's values and mission. Second, administrators should consider the logistics of how donations will be made and how employees will receive confirmation of their contributions. It may be helpful to work with the recognition platform provider to ensure a smooth and secure donation process. Finally, administrators should communicate clearly with employees about the new reward options and how they can participate.

Getting Started with Custom Reward Donation Options

Companies that are interested in adding custom reward donation options to their employee recognition program can start by researching potential charities and causes that align with their values. They should also reach out to their recognition platform provider to discuss the technical requirements and process for setting up custom rewards. Once the custom rewards are in place, companies should promote them to employees through internal communications and encourage participation. By making it easy and rewarding for employees to support important causes, companies can create a culture of giving and social responsibility that benefits everyone involved.


Custom reward donation options are a powerful way for companies to diversify their employee recognition programs and support important causes. By allowing employees to donate their earned points to local and global charities, companies can build stronger communities, respond to global events, and foster a sense of purpose and engagement among their workforce. With careful planning and communication, custom reward donation options can be a valuable addition to any employee recognition program.

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