5 Ways to Honor Native American Heritage Month in the Workplace

November is Native American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the rich histories, diverse cultures, and important contributions of Native people. As we observe this month, it's crucial for workplaces to actively participate in honoring Native American heritage. Here are five meaningful ways to celebrate Native American Heritage Month at work.

1. Acknowledge the Native Land Where Your Office is Located

One significant way to honor Native American heritage is by acknowledging the native land where your office is situated. Many Native tribes have historical ties to the land we live and work on today. By recognizing this, we show respect for the Indigenous peoples who have called these lands home for generations.

To find out which Native tribes inhabited the area where your workplace is located, you can use resources like native-land.ca or the Native Land Digital map. Once you have this information, consider displaying a land acknowledgment statement in your office or sharing it during meetings and events throughout the month.

2. Educate Employees About Native American History and Culture

Education is key to understanding and appreciating Native American heritage. During Native American Heritage Month, take the opportunity to educate employees about the history, traditions, and contemporary issues facing Native communities.

Consider inviting Native American speakers to give talks or workshops on topics such as tribal sovereignty, cultural preservation, and the impact of historical trauma. You can also share educational resources like books, articles, and documentaries that provide insights into Native American experiences.

3. Support Native-Owned Businesses

Another way to celebrate Native American Heritage Month at work is by supporting Native-owned businesses. Look for opportunities to partner with or purchase from Native-owned companies, whether it's for office supplies, catering, or corporate gifts.

You can find directories of Native-owned businesses through organizations like the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development or the Native American Chamber of Commerce. By supporting these businesses, you are helping to strengthen Native economies and empower Indigenous entrepreneurs.

4. Engage in Cultural Activities and Events

Engaging in cultural activities and events is a great way to learn about and celebrate Native American heritage. Many communities host pow wows, art exhibitions, film screenings, and other events during Native American Heritage Month.

Encourage employees to attend these events and consider organizing a group outing or sponsoring a cultural event in your workplace. You can also invite Native American artists, dancers, or musicians to perform or showcase their work at your office.

5. Foster an Inclusive Work Environment

Finally, it's important to recognize that celebrating Native American Heritage Month is just one part of building a more inclusive work environment. Take this opportunity to examine your company's diversity and inclusion practices and look for ways to create a more welcoming and equitable workplace for all employees, including those from Native American backgrounds.

This can involve reviewing hiring and promotion practices, providing diversity and cultural competency training, and establishing employee resource groups for Native American employees and allies. By fostering an inclusive work culture, you create a space where all employees feel valued, respected, and able to bring their whole selves to work.


Native American Heritage Month is an important time to honor the rich histories, vibrant cultures, and resilience of Native peoples. By actively celebrating this month in the workplace, we can help raise awareness, promote understanding, and build more inclusive and equitable work environments.

From acknowledging native lands to supporting Native-owned businesses and engaging in cultural activities, there are many meaningful ways to observe Native American Heritage Month at work. Let this be a starting point for ongoing learning, allyship, and celebration of Native American heritage throughout the year.

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