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The employee recognition app for Slack that enables HR leadersto build and retain happy, high-performing teams that improvecompany culture and business results.


"Using Teamsake has been a breeze"

"I'm loving all the good vibes"

"I've already seen a positive impact"

Drive engagement

Recognizing team members for their contributions builds a culture of shared success, promoting stronger team cohesion.

Boost productivity

Boost team morale by creating a culture that encourages innovation and collaboration, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Reduce turnover

Making recognition a cornerstone of your culture results in an engaged workforce that feels valued and motivated to contribute to the organization.

Recognize your teammates

Recognize your teammates

Recognize team accomplishments from Slack or inside the Teamsake Dashboard

Connect your company

Connect your company

Teamsake integrates with Slack, making it easy to recognize your team members and celebrate their accomplishments right where they work.

Reward your team

Reward your team

Reward your team members with points that can be redeemed for gift cards, company swag, or other perks.

A simple app with just
the right features.

Natural language

Recognize teammates with natural language


Your whole team is auto-enrolled


Automate birthday and anniversary celebrations


Integrated Slack widgets for easy sending

Fair pricing for the whole company



All Features. Up to 24 users.*
Perfect for small teams



All Features. 25-49 users.*
Perfect for a growing team



All Features. 50-99 users.*
Perfect for a larger organization
Need more users? Contact us for custom pricing.
* Does not include the cost of rewards
Empower your whole team tothrive.
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