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Swami here — Teamsake's CEO. We're on a mission to help founders, HR, and senior management build and retain happy, high-performance teams with a suite of tools designed to do just that.

Management teams at every stage have lots to worry about. Concerns about your team are easily at or near the top of the list. Did we hire the right people? Are they productive? Are they happy? Are they going to ride out the lows with us? What are they working on? Is everyone collaborating well?

My co-founders and I have experienced these concerns first hand. Collectively, we've built and exited two high-growth companies with over $100M in revenue at exit. The first went public, then sold for $1.4B. The second was acquired after 10 years of building a high performance, highly engaged, distributed team.

What are we most proud of? Having built teams that were high in talent density, happy, and engaged (not a coincidence).

Like every business, we had our ups and downs, but we kept our people motivated and engaged throughout. We consistently had employee NPS scores in the high 80s (most companies are in the 20s) and very low unforced attrition, even during the 2021 Great Resignation.

How'd we do it? We were deliberate about building our culture. We spent a lot of effort hiring the right people, and ensuring each was actually the right person in the critical few months after they started. When they weren't working out, we dealt with the situation quickly and humanely. We were explicit about the behaviors we wanted to see in the workplace (and tried to model them) and about those we didn't. We made sure people felt recognized for their accomplishments—large and small--not only by us, but also by their peers.

When recruiting, we'd often joke with candidates that ours was the only company we'd ever worked for that actually improved people's mental health. But we weren't really joking. Our teams were able to spend 99% of their time doing their best work. That wasn't just good for mental health, it was good for business results too.

But sadly, that's uncommon. We hope to change that.

We believe every management team can do what we did when equipped with the right attitude, guidance and tools. We're not naive enough to think that “software builds culture.” But we do believe that many of the recurring behaviors that make for a happy, high-performance organization can be facilitated using the tools we're building.

If the above resonates with you, I truly believe that Teamsake can become your key to building a happier, more productive, and highly engaged team. Thanks for reading and for giving Teamsake a try.


Swami Kumaresan
Co-founder & CEO